Corporate Information

Corporate Identity

Air Macau's logo is a fusion of a lotus, the symbol of Macau and a dove, the symbol for international peace. The high flying dove represents our vision of the highest standard of safety, reliability and quality services. Our ambition is to become a preferred airline of highest quality standard on which passengers can rely to fly safely, peacefully and comfortably.

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Corporate Identity
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Vision Statements

Mission Statements
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Corporate Objective

Formation and Shareholders

Headquarters Information

Headquarters Information

Air Macau was established on 13 September 1994. Its commercial inauguration was on 09 November 1995. Air Macau is a regional company based in Macau. At the moment, our destinations include Beijing, Chengdu, Guilin, Haikou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Manila, Seoul, Kaohsiung and Taipei.

In the fleet of Air Macau, there are 7 Airbus A321, 1 Airbus A320, 5 Airbus A319, 1 B727-200 freighter,1 B757-200 and 3 A300B4F freighter. The fleet of Air Macau is the youngest team in Asia.

There are 953 staffs in Air Macau on 30 September 2005. Among them, some come from Macau (37.04%), some from mainland of PRC (40.19%). Others come from 18 countries and regions from all over the world.The average of out staff is 28 years old.

Since its inception, Air Macau has been playing a vital and significantly important role in the air transportation of passengers across the Taiwan Strait. Right now, the company depends over 70% of its business on this important market. Every week, the airline offers 76 round trip flights between Macau and Taipei and 28 round trip flights between Macau and Kaohsiung.

Air Macau's vital role in proving the cross-Strait air service is also reflected in its unique product it has been offering since its birth in late 1995. It is the only air carrier that can offer one plane service. When the passengers who travel between Taiwan and Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen etc. in mainland. They just go through a very brief transfer procedure in the International Airport of Macau with their hand luggage and stay about 30 minutes in the departure lobby there. Then they could take the flight again to the destination. At the same time, Air Macau could provide the services of getting PRC Entry Endorsement for the Taiwanese passengers on the flight.

Air Macau provides the convenient transportation services for the local citizens, and also contributes to the local economic development and the cultural exchange of cross-Strait.

Vision Statements

Air Macau will become a preferred airline in Asia providing quality transportation services to global destinations. With Macau (China's southern gateway), as its hub and headquarters, we offer convenient connections between World's major cities and China.

Following the new casinos and theme parks being established and the inclusion of Macau in the list of the World Cultural Heritage and the conclusion of CEPA - Closer Economics Partnership Agreement, we also aim to promote macau as a tourist and trade destination.

To become a preferred airline, we strive to exceed customers' expectation first time every time. We recruit the right talent of staff through open and fair competition for the right position. We provide staff with fair compensation & insurance, training & development, safe & pleasant work place. We contribute as a conscientious corporate citizen to the social welfare & the preservation of natural environment in the cities we served.

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Mission Statements

Proactively target and capture the newly emerging casino and other business potentials to rebuild and reposition Air Macau under a new corporate image. Operate with an enhanced cost effectiveness and efficiency and technological excellence to provide the expanded quality services of passenger and cargo air transportation in Asia Pacific Region.

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Corporate Objective

1 Capitalize on the business strength of its past successes, further and steadily upgrade and evolve Air Macau as an important regional carrier in Asia;

2 Refocus its core competence from the cross-Strait business to serving major key destinations in the mainland and Asia;


Play a more active and important role in contributing to the local casino-oriented economy and turning the city of Macau from a transition point into a final tourist destination.

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Formation and Shareholders

Authorized Capital: MOP 400,000,000.00
(USD 50,000,000.00)
Date of Establishment: 13th September, 1994
Date of Commercial Operation: 9th November, 1995

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Headquarters Information

Macau Tel Fax
General Administration Office
398 Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpcao, 12-18 andar, Macau
396 6888 396 6866
Commercial Department 396 6201 396 6366
Finance Department 396 6901 396 6966
General Affairs Department 396 6601 396 6866
Customer Services Handling Department 396 6401 396 6455
Flight Operations Department 396 6501 396 6566
Engineering & Maintenance Department
396 6701 396 6766
Cargo Department    

Cargo Operations

396 6232
396 6234
396 6240
396 6666

Cargo Sales/Marketing

396 6231
396 6237
396 6666
Cargo Airport Office
898 3250
898 3216
898 3381
Reservations & Ticketing Office
398 Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpcao, R/C, Macau
396 5555 396 5666
Customer Services Handling - Airport Office 898 3030 898 3255
Flight Information Enquiry Centre 898 3030 898 3255
Customer Services Handling - Lost and Found 898 3210 898 3215
CIP Lounge 898 3110 861 350
Customer Services Handling - Airport Ticketing Counter 898 3388 898 3366


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